Welcome to the manor

Welcome to the manor

Welcome to Bucksteepmanor.com. Here you can find information about hunting and fishing. If you don’t like hunting or fishing then we offer information about other outdoor activities such as kayaking and cross country skiing as well. We offer guided tours and courses focusing on all activities that we feature information about on our website.  The information you find here is just an introduction to the topic.  If you really want to learn as much as possible then i recommend that you follow our links and read more about the topics that interest you.


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Fishing is a very relaxing pursuit and anyone can fish.   This is true regardless of age and physical condition.  Some fishing requires you to be able to hike in rough terrain or for you to be able to battle very strong fish but there is a lot of fishing opportunities that are easy to reach and very relaxing.

You do not need to finish any course to be able to start fishing.  Anyone can fish.  A course can however teach you how to become a skilled fisherman. A fisherman who knows where to look for the biggest fish and which fishing method that is best in a certain situation.  Our courses are for all those who know that they love fishing and who wants to take it to the next level. We will help you get years of experience in a single week of fishing. We offer special classes for trout and winter fishing as well as general fishing courses.

What is winter fishing?

One of the most popular winter fishing methods is ice fishing. It involves cutting a hole in the frozen surface of a lake or pond and dropping in a line. The stillness of the ice-capped waters often means fish are more concentrated, increasing the chances of a catch. Essential equipment includes ice augers to bore holes, specialized rods, and sometimes portable shelters known as “ice shanties” to protect from the biting cold. We here at the Manor do not use ice shanties. We want to be able to enjoy nature while winter fishing.

The fish species targeted can vary depending on the region but may include walleye, pike, perch, and trout. These fish remain active, albeit at a slower pace, during the colder months.


Some people love hunting. Other think it is a barbarian pursuit that has no place in modern society.  Both sides are right and wrong.  Hunting can be barbaric and hurt the environment but it can also be a sport that help protect the environment. All depends on how and what you hunt.  We will help you become a responsible hunter that is a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

Outdoor living

There are many ways you can enjoy nature without hunting and fishing. We offer courses that will teach you more about kayaking, cross-country skiing och off road biking.